Sell Your Artwork

Do you own art by any of these famous artists?

Or hundreds of other important American Artists!

Private Newport Art collector will pay up to $2,000,000
for important works of art.
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All Painters Considered!

If you own a painting and you don’t see the artist’s name in our listing, please call, email, or complete the form on the Contact Page.

All Important Artists Considered.
Frames Wanted!

We also will pay cash for HAND CARVED frames from artists such as Sanford White and others.

Premiums paid for:

James E Buttersworth

  • Entire collections…
  • Family owned works…
  • Works on loan
  • to museums…
  • Inherited works…
  • Exhibited paintings…
  • All artwork from
  • many artists!

Artist Listing

  • Edward Bannister
  • Reynolds Beal
  • Frank W. Benson
  • George C. Bingham
  • Alfred T. Bricher
  • Theodore Butler
  • James Butterworth
  • Mary Cassatt
  • William Merit Chase
  • Frederick Church
  • Thomas Cole
  • Jasper Cropsey
  • Joseph DeCamp
  • Thomas Dewing
  • Robert S. Dunning
  • Frederick Frieseke

    Mary Stevenson Cassatt

  • Sanford R Gifford
  • Abbot Fuller Graves
  • Childe Hassam
  • Winslow Homer
  • Martin J. Heade
  • George Inness
  • Antonio Jacobsen
  • David Johnson
  • Eastman Johnson
  • John Kensett
  • John LaFarge
  • Earnest Lawson
  • Edward Leavitt
  • Edmond D. Lewis
  • Willard Metcalf
  • Thomas Moran
  • Walter Palmer
  • William Paxton
  • Edward Potthast
  • Maurice Prendergast
  • Edward Redfield
  • Robert Reid
  • William Trust Richards
  • Theodore Robinson
  • John Singer Seargent
  • Francis A Silva
  • Edmund. C. Tarbell
  • John Twachtman

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